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    Ramsom Koay

    Marketing and Communications Aventra Group

    The event was well-organized and informative. The speakers were all experts in their fields and they shared valuable insights on the latest trends in cybersecurity and digital transformation. As cyber security is becoming increasingly important in the digital age. The speakers highlighted the many challenges that businesses and organizations face in terms of cyber security, but they also offered practical advice on how to mitigate these risks.


      From Linkedin account

      This was a great, three-day event filled with insightful discussions, ground-breaking solutions, and invaluable networking opportunities with the Malaysian Government bodies, FSI, and Enterprises.


        From Linkedin account

        It was a pleasure to support this year’s conference and we look forward to continuing our work with the Malaysian community.

          Nikki Ou

          Business Development Manager Grayscale Technologies

          Thank you, Cyber DSA, for successfully orchestrating not just an event, but a movement, committed to reshaping and reinforcing Malaysia's cybersecurity landscape. I had the invaluable opportunity to engage with esteemed technology partners, industry pioneers, and diverse stakeholders. It was enlightening to dive deep into current trends and explore innovative solutions vital for Malaysia's digital economies and to enhance our global competitiveness.

          About CyberDSA

          CyberDSA aspires to be the leading regional content-driven event serving the cyber defence & security industry.

          It aims to connect cyber security professionals and executives in the government and private sectors, driven to accelerate the cyber defence and security agenda.

          This event shall bring the latest technologies, knowledge and insights on cyber intelligence shared by regulators, policy makers, military personnel, CISO’s, Government officials, practitioners and researchers from all over the world

          CyberDSA 2024 Focus Areas

          Endpoint & Mobile Security

            Electromagnetic & Communication Security

              Network & Cloud Security

                Identity Security

                  Incident Response

                    IOT & Application Security

                      Space Communications

                        Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

                          Blockchain, Crypto & Database Security

                            Command & Control Centre

                              Cyber Professionals Services

                                Drone Security

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                                  Full Support from Government Agencies

                                  YB FAHMI FADZIL
                                    YB FAHMI FADZIL

                                    MINISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS MALAYSIA

                                    Given the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats, it is important for nations to remain vigilant. CyberDSA 2024 provides an invaluable platform for global experts, practitioners, and stakeholders to convene, share knowledge, insights, and solutions. This annual event serves as a catalyst to enable better collaboration and to foster innovation in advancing cyber security capabilities. As Minister of Communications and Digital, I look forward to seeing CyberDSA achieve its objectives of increasing awareness, advocating best practices and presenting new technological approaches.

                                    YB TEO NIE CHING
                                      YB TEO NIE CHING

                                      DEPUTY MINISTER OF COMMUNICATIONS MALAYSIA

                                      I would like to extend my unwavering support towards the much-awaited 2nd edition of Cyber Digital Services, Defence and Security Asia 2024 (CyberDSA’24) conference and exhibition, set to take place in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. I commend the organizers and its strategic partners for their dedication and foresight in curating an enriching agenda for CyberDSA’24. From artificial intelligence, digital forensics and incidence response, I believe that the upcoming event that will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, from 6th to 8th August 2024 is set to deliver a comprehensive and insightful experience for all participants.

                                      GENERAL TAN SRI DATUK SERI MOHAMMAD AB RAHMAN
                                        GENERAL TAN SRI DATUK SERI MOHAMMAD AB RAHMAN

                                        CHIEF OF DEFENCE FORCE, MALAYSIA

                                        I wish to express my unwavering support for the upcoming 2nd edition of Cyber Digital Services, Defence and Security Asia 2024 (CyberDSA 2024), scheduled to be held from 6 to 8 August 2024 in the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. CyberDSA 2024 is vital for fostering partnerships and bringing together experts, leaders, and innovators worldwide. I applaud the dedication and vision of the participants of CyberDSA 2024 for their commitment to turning this international event into a reality.

                                        DATO’ Ts. DR. HAJI AMIRUDIN BIN ABDUL WAHAB
                                          DATO’ Ts. DR. HAJI AMIRUDIN BIN ABDUL WAHAB

                                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, CYBERSECURITY MALAYSIA

                                          I would like to encourage everyone to make the most of this opportunity to connect, learn and be inspired. I believe that participants will not only obtain the latest knowledge but a renewed sense of purpose, camaraderie towards the shared mission to better secure our digital space together. I like to acknowledge the friendship and connections that CyberDSA’24 will foster. Let us embark on this amazing journey together, embracing the challenges with the spirit of innovation and collaboration towards navigating tomorrow’s cyber and digital frontier.

                                          Ir. Dr. MEGAT ZUHAIRY BIN MEGAT TAJUDDIN
                                            Ir. Dr. MEGAT ZUHAIRY BIN MEGAT TAJUDDIN


                                            The theme 'Navigating Tomorrow's Cyber and Digital frontier' underscores the conference's forward-looking perspective on the collective commitment to address the challenges together. It signifies our shared determination to navigate the complexities and uncertainties of tomorrow's digital terrain with resilience and collaboration. I am truly excited about the upcoming CyberDSA 2024 event that is scheduled 6 to 8 August 2024 and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that awaits for everyone. All the best and looking forward to meeting you all at CyberDSA 2024!

                                            REAR ADMIRAL DATO' PAHLAWAN MOHD FADZLI KAMAL BIN MOHD MOHALDIN
                                              REAR ADMIRAL DATO' PAHLAWAN MOHD FADZLI KAMAL BIN MOHD MOHALDIN


                                              CyberDSA’24 is expected to be a strategic meeting point for deep dive insights, encompassing the latest technological innovations, government policy development, threat intelligence, and risk management. This is not just an opportunity to enhance cyber defence and security, but also to strengthen the bonds among dedicated professionals and communities protecting our digital economies. I encourage and invite all participants to take this invaluable opportunity to interact, learn, and be inspired. The knowledge and insights gained at CyberDSA, is far more than mere information. It serves as a checkpoint to reinforce our commitment to support the development of a more secure digital world.



                                              4,000 sqm of vibrant high-tech floor space showcasing the latest IOT & Cyber security technologies, intrusion prevention, cellualar network security, cyber range, cyber defence, big data, cloud computing solutions, drones, autonomous vehicles, applications and features, trainings and network centric operations.

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